"Our Parents Gave Us Life,
but It's Our Responsibility to Live It!"
~Kelly Rae Hensley Burchfield

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Author, and MC

"Our Parents Gave Us Life, but It's Our Responsibility to Live It!" ~Kelly Rae Hensley Burchfield

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Author, and MC


Keynote Speaker / Keynote Concert

On stage or virtually, Kelly Rae's message is equally inspiring, energetic, and actionable. Her unique keynotes are delivered in lecture and song performance format leading us through a life journey of choices we make and actions we take, creating our life worthwhile (creating our life experience).

She shares compelling stories that are easy to relate to and supported by original song performance and engaging activities, creating a memorable Keynote 'Concert' experience. Kelly Rae effortlessly inspires audiences to recognize their inherent worth and helps them step into their personal power to create the life they desire, making her a perfect choice for those seeking a presenter with the power to offer transformative change and inspiration.


Something For Everyone

Kelly Rae engagingly teaches foundational life principles and principles of success in a combined lecture and song performance format. After a year-long intensive professional training with best-selling author and thought leader, Jack Canfield,and almost a decade of Youth Ministry, Kelly Rae created 2XLR8U (To Accelerate You) taking her message of integrity, positive actions, accountability, and hope to people in need of direction and affirmative influence.

She’s available to speak to youth and young adult groups, corporate events and meetings, millennials, high schools, colleges, churches, artist conferences, private/charter schools, juvenile rehabilitation, associations, etc.

And with a couple decades experience on stage, Kelly Rae is also a Transitional Expert between Speakers and the perfect choice for an MC (master of ceremonies) for large events, assemblies, conferences, conventions, etc.  She will support you by keeping your events and meetings in a nice flow and timely with your audience engaged and your event’s mission and goals in the spotlight.

CUSTOM SONGS… Kelly will write and record an original song for you and your loved one(s) or maybe you would like a theme song for your event, business, brand, or mission.  She’ll bring music and melody to your personal story creating a radio quality song for you to share with the world.


Straight from the Heart

Apart from being an inspiration to many, Kelly Rae is also a passionate performer engaging audiences in song. She is a talented Singer-Songwriter performing original acoustic songs and notable cover songs that support and compliment her Keynote Presentations, Workshops, etc. A message of integrity and love is shared through her motivational lyrics, and she’s been known to leave audiences tapping their feet to soothing rhythm.

Visit Kelly Rae's music project CJ~KRAE for links to her original songs available on all streaming platforms, upcoming live performances, etc.

Topics for Keynotes

Assemblies, Webinars, Workshops, Podcasts, and Conventions Include:

  • 2XLR8U

    Create a Life Worthwhile by Knowing YOU Are the Life Worthwhile

  • 2XLR8U

    The Power of Choice – and its Reciprocal Effect

  • 2XLR8U

    Victim or Victor? – The Responsibility Factor and the Art of Accountability

Kelly Rae is a whirlwind of contagious energy and dedication that "inspires children, youth, and adults to stretch their wings in the most kind and loving way, touching lives with music, humor, and humility.”


What Others are Saying

Kelly’s passion for changing the lives of young people is unmistakable. She has a heart for helping them recognize their inherent worth, their capacity for taking full ownership of their destinies, and helping them to see they can really make a difference in this world.

~L. Darst, Pastor and Youth Leader

Kelly’s energy and positive attitude overflows as she teaches and motivates these youths to work towards a life of positive thoughts, actions and commitments.

~Kenny Grigsby, Sr, Grateful Parent

Kelly’s gift of communication in word and song commands attention. She has a knack for engaging even the most withdrawn in the room. I have seen youth and adults interact with Kelly and leave feeling like they are a life worthwhile.

~P. Cheney, Youth Leader